Saturday, 14 July 2012

Colin the Coffee Pot

Poor Colin, he inherited a hand-me-down from the previous slightly fatter coffee pot and since then he hasn't been staying as warm as he should. His previous cover was one of my first every knitting projects so it's done a good job. But browsing here I was inspired to make a new cosy. So I just measured the circumference, chained the right number of stitches, joined the chain to form a loop and stitched double crochet rows up to the height of the bottom of the handle. The I just continued crocheting the rows but this time not all the way round - I left a gap of about 6 stitches. At the top I created two tabs to go round the handle, one for the button and one for the button hole. I edged all the way round in single crochet.

Colin is looking all snug in his new cosy, now we just need to try it out...

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