Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Why it's great having nieces to make things for

On Sunday I'm off to visit my nieces Emily and Charlotte.

The great thing about having nieces is that:

  • I spoil them with presents
  • they are a ready audience for my creations
  • there are so many great (free) patterns out there to try
  • patterns for kids don't take too long to make
  • kids always need more clothes (don't they?)

This is what has been taking up my free time the past few weeks ...


It's Emily's birthday next week. She will be 3. So we're off to a birthday party!
Normally for her birthday I get her a book, a toy and make a piece of clothing for her. Last year I made a toddler skirt from an old blouse of mine.

I saw a pattern - Toddler Ribbed Shell Top - pop up on Pinterest recently (the pin is here). Not only was is made in DK yarn (which is what my stash is mostly made of) but it was designed for 3 year old too - perfect!

Here is the end result ...

Crochet striped rib jumper

It was great to crochet and worked up really quickly (which is partly why I love crochet more than knitting). The collar is a bit wonky (I noticed but I hope no-one else does). The instructions for the sleeves were a bit tricky to follow but I got there in the end.


Charlotte is just over 5 months old. So trying to decide what size to make was difficult - 0-6 months or 6-12 months. I erred on the side of caution and went for the larger size, she can grow into it!

For Charlotte I went for a knitted cardigan with a lace insert using some cotton yarn I had picked up in Lidl a few months ago. It was really nice to work with so it's a shame I can't go and pick up some more. (Although I do have more in a different colour which I'm currently using for a project for myself).

This was a lovely pattern as well, although there were a couple of errors in the pattern for the size I was making and some pictures with finished measurements especially for the collar shaping would have been really useful.

I went a bit wrong on the arms, through not reading the pattern fully, and it had taken me hours so I didn't start again just made the second one to match. That may be why after sewing the arms on the armholes are a bit tight, or it may be that's just the design.

I made this over the 3 days of the early May bank holiday weekend ...

The lace detail looks great and wasn't that complicated to knit.

PS ...

This is something I knitted for Emily last October. It was just a little bit tight for her so it'll be making its way to Charlotte when she's a little bit bigger. You can find the pattern on Ravelry.

Another nice straighforward simple pattern to knit.

Red and blue striped and patterned knitted jumper

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